Canada Express Entry Program 

Process steps

Services Offered

Stage 1

1st Installment 

Registration Fee:

Rs. 40,000/-

+ 18% G.S.T.

  • Checking for Eligibility

  • Collection of documents

  • Correction of paperwork

  • IELTS Preparation

  • ECA online submission

  • Finalizing NOC code

  • Submission of documents for ECA assessment

  • Documentation preparation for Express Entry profile

  • Liaisoning with assessment agencies

  • Creating Express Entry Profile

Stage 2

2nd Installment

After ITA receipt for Visa

Rs. 40,000/-

+ 18% G.S.T.

  • Preparation of documents for visa preparation 

  • Documentation preparation for Visa Processing

  • Submission of documents of Visa processing

  • Submission of PNP application (If applicable) 

  • Liaising with visa officer (If required)

  • Follow up of case.

  • Documentation Preparation to travel to the

  • country after passport request (If applicable) 

  • Guidance for shifting

  • Winding up operations

  • *Job Search (Through post landing services – If required) 

*Post landing Services are chargeable **Our consultancy fees are strictly non-refundable. 

Approx. Expenses involved in Canada Express Entry Program

** As per the appropriate currency conversion and assessing authority

- Fees prevailing at the time of filling the application are applicable

- Medical Exam fee may vary on case to case basis depending on tests to be carried out.

- Courier and notary charges extra - Approx Rs. 2,000/- per envelope

Australia Immigration Consultancy charges

Process steps

Services Offered

Stage 1

Registration Fee:

Rs. 25,000/-

+ 18% G.S.T.

[ + *Rs. 20,000/- 

+ G.S.T. For Spouse ]

  • Counselling for Process

  • Collection of Documents

  • Correction of paperwork

  • Preparation of Documents for Assessment

  • Preparation of Papers for PCC

Stage 2

After successful assessment 

*Rs. 20,000/-

+ 18% G.S.T.

  • Submission of Documents for Assessment

  • Collection of paperwork for Visa Processing

  • Documentation Preparation for Visa Preparation

  • Liaising with Assessment Agencies

Stage 3

Application for Expression of Interest (EOI) and Application for State Sponsorship if needed

Rs. 30,000/-

  • Application to EOI pertaining to the skill select database for invitation for visa

  • Document Preparation for State Sponsorship

  • Application to State Sponsorship

  • Liaising with Authorities for Queries regarding applicant

  • Evaluating documents for visa application

Stage 4

Visa Processing Fee

**Rs. 2,00,000/-


Service Fee 3rd Installment

Rs. 15,000/-

+ 18% G.S.T.

  • Submission of Documents for Visa Processing

  • Liaising with visa officer

  • Follow up of case

  • Preparation for shifting

  • Winding up of operations

* If Applicable

** As per currency conversion

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